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Morning Practice Testimonials

A Personal Note From Tommy Rosen

Dear Friend,

How many of us are bombarded by life’s overwhelm so often that we turn to alcohol or other substances in search of a few moments of relief?

It’s a difficult situation that can quickly spiral out of control. I know this because I’ve experienced it first hand.

In my early 20’s, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol so severely that I couldn’t let it go without help. After going to treatment, staying sober for a year, relapsing, and then getting sober again for the final time on June 23, 1991, I discovered something that would change my life forever…

I realized that drugs and alcohol were not the real problem, they were just my way of masking my real problems. The true roots of my suffering were issues like codependency, loneliness, negative thinking, and relationship problems.

morning practice challenge with tommy rosen

After years of searching for the right solution, I was finally set free when I discovered one simple morning practice and began putting a more holistic focus on my life. The pain that I was experiencing was transformed into presence, acceptance, connection and joy.

I am convinced that if you take this challenge seriously, commit to just 16 minutes each morning, and do the practice each day for 7 days, you will experience tangible change in your everyday life no matter what struggles you’re facing right now. (I also believe that if you don’t do this kind of work, it’s virtually impossible to thrive in this world.)

With just 16 minutes a day, you’ll quickly begin to reduce stress, gain calmness, think more clearly, overcome loneliness, and as a result, you’ll watch your relationships begin to transform.

These things are available to anyone, and this 7 Day Morning Practice Challenge will show you how to get there.

Join us for this life changing experience!

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen
Recovery 2.0
The Path of Discovery

Morning Practice Testimonials

Transform Your Life with The 7 Day Morning Practice Challenge!

Enter your name and email address to start today with FREE instant access to the Morning Practice Challenge!

If You Have You Ever Experienced:

Then you’re experiencing thought patterns and feelings that negatively impact the quality of your life. The good news is, with just 16 minutes a day, you can begin to change these patterns and radically improve your life.

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Reduce Stress, Gain Confidence, and Become a Better You.

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What To Expect

Day 1: The First Step

Get on the Path of Discovery

Discovering and realizing your true potential begins here. Day 1 will introduce you to the ancient morning practice that has been used by wise and wildly successful people over many, many years to harness their inner power and connect with their true self.

Day 2: Steadiness and Letting Go

Create Steadiness, Build Strength, and Gain Momentum

The Day 2 practice will show you how to let go of old ways of thinking and old routines, which will allow for something new to take place. By engaging each day in this practice, you create steadiness, strength, and momentum, which pave the way for transformation.

Day  3: Radio Recovery

Tune Yourself to a More Positive Frequency

Imagine your mind and body as one big receiver of different frequencies just like a radio. You have the power to choose which radio station you would like to listen to. By waking up and doing your morning practice, you are stepping over to the radio and changing the channel. The Day 3 practice will teach you how to tune yourself to the frequencies you truly desire.

Day 4: The Four Aggravations

Put a Stop to Self-Doubt, Negative Thinking, Resentment and Procrastination

Most people will never know what it is like to live a single day without experiencing The Four Aggravations, but with this morning practice, you will. The Day 4 practice will show you how to overcome self-doubt, negative thinking, procrastination, and resentment.

Day 5: Alone vs. Lonely

Overcome Feelings of Loneliness

Loneliness is something that most humans experience from time to time. However, the more we fight being alone, the lonelier we become. The Day 5 practice will give you everything you need to heal feelings of loneliness and begin truly enjoying time with yourself once and for all.

Day 6: Core Strength

Build Strength in Your Physical, Spiritual, and Energetic Core

By Day 6, you may realize a newfound strength has been building in your core. On the physical level, you’ve been strengthening the muscles around your front, back and sides. On energetic and spiritual levels, your will, strength, and determination are being cultivated to align with your highest goals. This practice will dive deeper into the power of your core and begin to unlock your full potential.

Day 7: The Law of Reversibility

Keep Moving Forward and Overcome The Law of Reversibility

At this point in the challenge, you may be asking yourself if the Morning Practice really is for you. This experience is called The Law of Reversibility, and it’s the human tendency to bail on a positive habit 7 days into it. The Day 7 practice will give you what you need to overcome The Law of Reversibility so you can continue onward in the path of discovery and reach your full potential. You’ll know exactly what to do if you hear your mind suggesting that you back out.

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